Now the Hardest Job in Washington

Boy are the Clintons in trouble.

Since they set up the “Clinton Global Initiative” Bill and Hillary have been milking corporations and foreign governments to gain access to federal contracts and future favors.

As with all things dealing with the Clintons, everything was based on promises of future favors. Bill and Hillary both promised that when Hillary became president, every donor would have immediate and constant access to her.

As conceited as the couple is, they assured themselves that it was only a matter of time until they returned to the Oval Office.

But then Barack Obama dashed their plans.

No problem, they assured their vast list of donors. Hillary will win at the next election. But then Obama won re-nomination in 2012, and returned for a second presidential term.

No problem, Bill and Hillary again promised their donors. In the meantime, don’t be afraid to donate more money to the foundation to assure that she doesn’t forget about you when she becomes president.

But now she lost to President-Elect Trump.

…And now it’s all about to hit the fan.

You see, all those foreign governments gave and gave and gave to the Clinton Foundation, believing Bill’s sell-job that Hillary couldn’t lose. It turns out that most of the government donors were from countries that are persistently unfriendly to the United States. Best of all, most of those countries are run by despots willing to get rid of people to get their way.

Now that they’ve tossed million and millions of dollars to the wind in a gamble on future access to Hillary Clinton, some of those despots are going to ask for their money back.

When Bill and Hillary refuse to do so, the despots will get mad–very mad.

Dictators are going to demand their money back. Bill and Hillary are going to have to start watching their backs.

This is why the Secret Service Agents who will soon be charged with protecting  Bill and Hillary now have the hardest jobs in Washington.

–The Beltway Bandit



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